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AT & T History and Unix

att unix AT & T History and UnixThe history of AT & T was never separated from the history of the discovery of telephone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875. During the 19th century, AT & T is the holding company of the Bell System telephone company that was founded by Graham Bell, which provides telephone service in the world. Thus the logo of AT & T is always coupled with the brandname of American Bell. AT & T logo itself visually in the form of a circle symbolizing the globe, composed of lines with three-dimensional optical effects are impressive high technology.
The logo designed by Saul Bass. Overall, this logo was a symbol-filled world of electronic communication. Then in 1984, AT & T divestiture and corporate restructuring experience that makes the company was divided into 8 companies with each kind of business, and since then the AT & T into one that focuses on the company’s own integrated telecommunications services and telecommunications equipment manufacturers.
Also changing are also on AT & T logo, namely by removing the brandname of American Bell and replace it with a company name that is AT & T that is used up to now.

In the summer of 1988, AT & T and Sun Microsystems signed an agreement to cooperate on that later result in the System V Release 4 (SVR4), which has the best ability of the System V and Berkeley Unix, and make all programs written for both systems become compatible within a single system . At this time SunOS replaced by a new Unix operating system called Solaris.

Feeling threatened by AT & T and Sun because it is not part of SVR4 development effort, Appolo Computer, Digital Equipment Computer (DEC), Hewlett Packard, IBM, and some factories in Europe to form the Open Software Foundation (OSF). The establishment of this as an attempt to escape the control of AT & T, with the name of the industry coalition not-for-profit, and use a uniform ilsensi. OSF developed using the standard AIX, and then ported into the MACH kernel from Carnegie Mellon University, by combining the libraries and utilities from HP, IBM, and DEC. However, the development of OSF, OSF / 1 is not widely used until the coalition eventually develop their own systems, such as IBM with its AIX, and others adopt SVR4 which is released first.

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